T minus 4 days

and counting! Tomorrow we take off for SoCal and then I'm on to DC for the MilBlog Conference. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this! I'll try to blog while I'm there (and in SoCal) but I might be a little overwhelmed by it all.

In other news, MacGyver's cousin is still fighting. She was given a tracheotomy last night to help her breathe and eventually they will wean her off the ventillator completely. She is making progress but there is some swelling and possible damage to her brain stem, the extent of which will not be known for some time. Her friend has taken a turn for the worse and both of the families could use all of the prayers and positive energy you can possibly spare. I am hoping to get to the hospital to see her while I am in town.

Still no word on the housing situation. Maybe when I get back there will be some good news. NTC seems to be a "go" for MacGyver though it is still a major "charlie foxtrot" and I am literally in awe of how big of a FUBAR this whole thing is. Yet another reason women should run the military.

Michael Yon has a new dispatch up that is worth the read (well, they ALL are but this one really struck a chord with me) in the meantime. Have a great week!


- hfs

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