Unbelievable! Mayor steals from dead Marine

Mayor Won't Give Dead Marine's Money Back

It was money that he had no right to and despite a court ruling, the funeral director refused to pay. What's even more puzzling is that he's not just any debtor, he's the mayor of the small town and a member of a City Council that has financial responsibility for the city's budget.

Then WHY is he still the Mayor? Seems to me there would be something in his contract that, if he is disobeying a court ruling, he should lose his job as Mayor. If nothing else, the rest of the City Council and the citizens of Fort Lupton should force him to step down.

In fact, court records show Bostick has several current unsatisfied debts to creditors from Greeley to Montana and that doesn't include money he owed when he filed bankruptcy in 2001. He claims he is trying to repay the money.

This man appears to be a theif and has no business running a city. It's disgusting.

You can voice your opinion by e-mailing the city council at LuptonCouncil @ aol.com (no spaces) or you can do it the old fashioned way :

130 South McKinley Avenue
Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621
phone: 303-857-6694 - fax: 303-857-0351

(t/b over at Mudville Gazette)


- hfs

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