Seems that this week is full of questions with few answers. For instance...

+ WHY do adults feel the need to act like children? Why, when something doesn't go the way someone WANTS it to go, they feel the need to tattle and whine about it rather than either letting it roll off their back or taking action to make the situation better?

+ WHY do adults who are too old and too out of shape feel the need to wear clothing designed for a waifish 12 year old? And why do those people feel that the norms of society (such as courtesy or taking turns) do not apply to them?

+ WHY do bosses feel the need to place blame on people who had no control (nor any obligation of said control) over a situation that ended in tragedy? Is it because he was feeling guilty that the tragedy technically occurred on his watch? He had no more control over the situation than did anyone else.

+ WHY do people go swimming in the ocean when it was just a few days ago that raw sewage was flowing freely into that same water?



- hfs


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