Before and after

This is the "BEFORE" picture. Before MacGyver sold the 2002 and BEFORE I got in there to get things straightened up. I still have some work to do but I need to hit the BX and pick up some more Rubbermaid Roughtotes first as I have run out. I still need to tackle MacGyver's photo and darkroom gear, get rid of all of the stuff that is due to be disposed of (either sold on Craigslist or taken to the thrift shop or consignment store).

And here is the "AFTER" picture. Not bad for about 3 hours worth of work. I haven't really touched MacGyver's workbench - that's his territory and I don't want to mess up whatever system he has going (I say "whatever system" because, at this point, it's a mystery to me!).

I think at our next house, we are going to invest in some of those suspended storage racks for the garage. There is going to be a lot that I won't need access to while he's gone so there is no point in wasting floor space when I can loft it up.

Tonight I start attacking the office. I need to track down some boxes to hold books for the move (cardboard is ok here) but for the next few days I will just weed stuff out and get things organized. I'm telling ya...Martha Stewart better watch her back!


- hfs

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