Chinook down in Afghanistan

UPDATE 5.7.06: Fort Drum Soldiers in Afghan Crash

No word on names yet. They probably will not be released until next week sometime. In the meantime, we wait and pray and pray some more.

Barb, Teresa, and Angela ~ thanks for all of your help with information. I appreciate it.

UPDATE 5.6.06
: Military Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, Killing 10 GIs

Damn. I still can't figure out what unit it was so if you happen to know who replaced Big Windy in Afghanistan, can you e-mail me at homefrontsix @ yahoo.com (no spaces). MacGyver is worried and I couldn't give him any more information than what he saw on the news. Thanks.

There was also a UK bird that went down in Iraq and the bastards cheered in the streets.

I hate this.

Coalition Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan

I'm numb. Don't know who it is but I'm numb. I'm praying hard for the families though and I hope and pray that there are no fatalities.



- hfs

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Barb said...

This part truly sucks. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of those lost.


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