I am woman

hear me roar.

Before MacGyver left for NTC, I asked him to do 2 things for me:

1.) get a new temporary on post pass for Stanley, the Honda and

2.) get the safety check done on the SUV.

Neither one was done. No big deal. I can handle both. Head down to the office to get a new pass for Stanley and get turned down due to my Alaska drivers' license being expired. Something I didn't know. Ok, fine. So I add "get new drivers' license" to the list of things to do. Great.

So I go home and swap out the car seats from Stanley to the SUV. As I am swapping out car seats, I realize that the safety sticker is expired. I knew it was due to be renewed but I ASSumed MacGyver had taken care of it since he was the one driving the SUV. Not a big deal - safety inspections don't take long and I can get it taken care of easily. Right?


The first place I take the SUV to fails me due to an exhaust manifold leak that is inherent in most, if not all, of this brand of car on the road. One of the fan belts on the a/c is also squealing so that also counts against me (for what reason, I'm not sure...maybe there is a law against noise pollution here but if so, it's poorly enforced). Just not my week.

So now not only am I driving on a license that is technically expired but neither of my cars is completely legal on post or off. Great.

There isn't much I can do about the on post pass for Stanley. Until I get my Hawaii license, I'm stuck there. As for the safety inspection, I found a place that was...willing to work with me thanks to my spousal connections and VOILA! it's taken care of.

On top of that, I took and passed my written exam for my drivers' license without even seeing the handbook before taking it. I take my driving test next month (it was the earliest I could schedule it).

One of the biggest practical concerns I have when MacGyver deploys is that I will be without my personal mechanic for a year. Given the fact that we do not drive new vehicles nor ones that have warranties of any kind, I worry that one (or both, as they are wont to do) of our cars will have some kind of major mechanical malfunction. In the process of getting the SUV's safety check taken care of, I believe I have found a local mechanic I trust. He was straight with me on several things that I asked him about and his rates are fair.

Good to know.


- hfs

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