A little bit of good news

MacGyver's cousin continues to improve - slowly but steadily. From her CaringBridge site:

Speaking of gifts from God, I just received another one today. Ashlyn and I were in the room watching a movie with Stacy. Suddenly Stacy took a deep breath, almost like a sigh, and she moved her shoulders and arms upwards. it was almost like she was stretching. I immediately jumped up, and turned off the movie, and asked Stacy is she just did that? She said she did, but wasn't able to re perform it on command. She clarified that she was cold, from the fan blowing on her, and said she was kind of stretching like you would when you shiver and just want to get your body moving. Either way, whether she can do it on command or not, Stacy had a huge smile! She saw how excited Ashlyn and I were, as well as her nurse, Danielle. Danielle actually got tears in her eyes, because she's really become part of our family, as several of the other nurses have over the past few weeks. Everyone is sincerely pulling for her recovery. We still have the primary issue of getting Stacy to do things on command, but this gives me even more hope. To this date, Stacy had not moved her shoulders or arms off the bed. Even when using pain stimulation, she didn't move nearly as much as she did today. God is continuing to answer our prayers! Each and every day I can see Stacy's happiness increase, which is exactly what I need. I love seeing her personality come back, slowly but surely. She's always been someone who smiled a lot, and I can see that each day she seems to smile more and more. I can't wait to update you all more on her progress to come. It's still one small step at a time, but each time something like this happens I feel that the Lord is comforting our entire family. Stacy believes she is going to get better, and knows that the Lord is with her each step of the way. It was great to see even Stacy get excited today.

She is making progress with speech therapy (she's having to relearn how to speak again which is made more difficult due to her tracheotomy) and physical therapy. One of the highlights of my evening lately is checking her CB site and seeing the good news.

For those of you who have inquired, thank you. And for those of you who are praying, thank you.


- hfs

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