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What IS it about your spouse leaving and the organization bug biting you in the arse? Or is it just me? Is it a survival tactic - something to keep you busy so you don't go insane while he's gone and to give you something to "show" for the time he was gone?

Well, whatever it is, I have it BAD. Not only is he gone but we have a move that we are going to have to do ourselves looming over my head. To say I am motivated would be *quite* the understatement. We've been home almost a week and so far, I have:

- cleaned out the fridge and SCRUBBED it inside and out

- weeded through the kids' clothes and pulled out things that don't fit anymore and they are now sitting, SORTED BY SIZE, waiting to go to the consignment store or be listed on Craigslist

- sorted through all of the magazines and catalogs that were piling up throughout the house. Articles and recipes have been clipped and stored. Resources have been filed.

- paperwork (i.e. bills, papers to be filed, etc.) has been sorted and stored. I need to get a new shredder - I fried mine trying to shred a bunch of stuff.

- the backyard is tidy. I have pulled out toys that are either broken or too young for my kids and either thrown them out or set them aside to take to the thrift store.

- Both cars are clean on the inside. I'm waiting for a day without rain (yeah, right!) so I can wash them.

- the video/craft closet is tidied and organized. It was driving me NUTS.

- I started in on the GARAGE today! It used to look like this:

but not anymore. After MacGyver sold off the 2002, it became a LOT easier to move things around in there and today, I started boxing stuff up and really getting it organized. Once the battery on my digital charges and I take out the trash tomorrow, I'll snap an "after" picture. There is still a lot to do in there and it's not helped by the fact that the garage currently houses 2 washers and 2 dryers but we'll need our set at the next house. And then there is the stuff that the Army keeps issuing Macgyver for his deployment. Luckily we DO have a garage to house it all. Otherwise it would be in my LIVING ROOM.

Um, no.

There are still a few things on my list to tackle before he gets home. Namely the office our closet, and the kitchen cabinets. Much purging and organizing must take place. And to think...this is just an NTC rotation! Think of how incredibly organized this place will be once he gets home from his deployment!

Just call me Martha Stewart, thankyouverymuch!


- hfs

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