Your "customer service" SUCKS!!!

UPDATE: Well, it looks like I have straightened things out. Seems the manager (again, an idiot) was getting me "confused with another customer in Vancouver" which is why he thought there had been a shipment on 4/21. Once he pulled his head OUT of his dark, stinky place he realized that I am not (nor was I EVER) in Vancouver and told me he would issue the refund on the remaining $170 immediately. I thanked him and then proceeded to tell him that his company's delay in getting the parts to us caused my husband to have to sell his car since he would not be able to complete the project before he deployed to a WAR ZONE and that, should we ever buy another BMW 2002, we would NOT be coming to them for parts.

Word of mouth can be the best form of advertisement...or the WORST.

Last year, MacGyver bought a 1971 BMW 2002 and planned to restore it. It can be tough to find parts for a car like that but there is a place in SoCal called 2002 AD that specializes in parts for this car. So MacGyver ordered $280 worth of parts in early February and planned to have the car up and running by the time he left for NTC.

Mid-March rolls around and no parts. No phone call. No letter. Just the charge on the credit card for the order (in full). He finally remembers to call (they close at 4 and he often was busy in the AM and would forget to call) and they tell him that some of the parts are on backorder so they are holding the entire order. Um, no. Send what you have NOW and send the rest LATER.

So they finally ship what they had in stock (all 4 parts out of an order of 21 parts) and even managed to get one WRONG. Grr. Another few weeks go by and MacGyver finally remembers to call them to see where the rest of the parts were because no one from the store has contacted him. Still on backorder.

At this point, facing the move, NTC, and the deployment he decides to sell the car and send the parts he HAD received back and cancel the rest of the order. He was SO disappointed that he didn't get to get it up and running. He sends the 4 parts he received back with a letter explaining that he wanted the rest of the order cancelled and a full refund per their refund policy.

He called yesterday and asked me to check the account and the SOBs only refunded the cost of the parts he RETURNED! So we are still out $170 for parts we never received! I called today and talked to the manager (who is an idiot). Took me 5 minutes to get him to understand that I want a refund of the remaining amount on the parts that were backordered and never shipped. THEN he tells me that the backordered parts shipped out April 21.

I explain to him that none of those parts have EVER shown up here and I ask him HOW they were shipped. He's unsure. He thinks FedEx but "I don't have the shipping information in front of me right now." Bullshit. I tell him to go FIND it and he tells me it's going to take him a little while and he'll have to call me back. I give him my cell phone number and ask him when I can expect to hear from him. He tells me THURSDAY!

Um, NO!!! I'll be on the phone bright and early tomorrow at 6am and he damn well better have that shipping confirmation number in hand or I swear, I will get my ass on a plane tomorrow and fly back to SoCal just to kick his!!

There is NO reason that an order should take 3 MONTHS to fill when you are a parts place that specializes in these parts! It's not like we called up Wal-Mart and asked THEM to track this stuff down. And, if stuff IS on backorder, you had best be in communication with your customer and be as helpful and accomodating as possible while they wait for those items.

Don't charge up front for items on backorder OR for the shipping if they aren't going to ship for THREE MONTHS! And don't feed me a bullshit line that you don't have shipping information in front of you. That information should be on the fricking INVOICE.

For the love of GOD - how can people be so @()%&@#&*($&*%(#&(#* STUPID?!?!? He had best hope he has that info for me tomorrow or the FedEx man shows up on my doorstep this evening or I will send in letters to the editor at every BMW magazine in the world telling them how horrible their customer service was for a man who is getting ready to deploy to a WAR ZONE in defense of his country!

Just a friendly reminder : DON"T PISS OFF THE RED HEAD.


- hfs

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