So much for...

...block leave.

Sometimes, I hate the Army (or parts of it).

I'm so mad that I'm CALM (aside from the tears of sheer frustration and rage). Wonderful. Just flipping wonderful. And here, I thought the end (end of 18 hour days the end of my husband only seeing his kids for a few minutes each day if they are still awake when he gets home) was in sight. Boy was I mistaken. Thanks guys.

(*and don't give me comments telling me to buck up or that the mission comes first. I know that thankyouverymuch. I vent here so I don't have to unload on my husband when he finally gets home tonight*)

***UPDATE: Everything has been worked out. There was no general recall issued for those on leave so MacGyver told them basically to stuff it. If a general recall is issued (to include those off island on leave) then he will go back in to work. Otherwise, he is now on leave!!! Best birthday present a girl could ask for!***


- hfs

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