Still here...kind of.

MacGyver is still on block leave (though he's been into work 3 times this week alone...).

I'm STILL busting my butt trying to find a rental unit for my client (he's NOT making it very easy but I only have a few hours left on contract with this guy and then he's on his OWN!).

We pick up keys to our new house tomorrow :o

MacGyver's parents come for a visit Sunday.

We are holding an early birthday party for Princess Trouble before MacGyver deploys so she can have her daddy here for her party. That happens MONDAY.

And, did I mention we're moving? Did I mention how much I HATE moving? Yeah...

And then, of course, the deployment looms. Mentally my brain has not even gone there yet. Maybe after we move I might start to accept the fact that the deployment is coming. Then again, denial is a WONDERFUL thing...


- hfs


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