3 blocks

It's amazing how much of a difference 3 blocks can make. At our old house, we knew our neighbors but did not interact with them often. Waved in passing, said hi if we were out at the same time. But that was it. Not many small children on the street and the street was busy by residential standards so that prevented the kids from playing out front much.

But our new house is on a different street. Our street T's in to 2 cul-de-sacs so it's very quiet in terms of traffic. On one side are the Southside girls ages 7 and 9. Very friendly kids and they get along well with mine. On the other side are 2 children as well - smaller than mine but close in age. There are children (including the 3 year old neighbor who caused my headache last weekend) diagonally from us and across the street. And they all come out to play in the front yard and street on a daily basis.

It's great. It reminds me of my childhood. And I love that my kids are able to experience that. Last night I was able to sit and talk with my neighbor (mom of the Southside Girls) and she seems like a lot of fun. Fun in the sense that, when MacGyver is gone, I can put the kids in bed and then go sit out on the front porch with her and have a margarita. Which is great.

Maybe moving was a good thing. I think I will feel less isolated in this neighborhood. In my old house, it was easy to turn the kids out in to the backyard and hang out inside. Not here. My yard does not have gates so I have to be outside with the kids when they are outside. That will keep me from holing up inside my house.

MacGyver rolled the kids out of bed at 6am this morning to take them on a "Fun Run" with him (Why the words "fun" and "run" are in the same sentence is BEYOND me. Seems like a contradiction in terms.) They were NOT happy! They wanted to go with him but 6am was painful for them. Heh. Unfortunately, it was also painful for me. Ah, well. I'll get my computer time out of the way early and maybe actually get something done around here.

It's still hard to believe that this deployment is here. Still doesn't feel real. But that's ok. I'm sure it will feel real enough soon. A good friend of mine had to say goodbye to her husband today - he had been on leave with her (she has moved home to another state for the duration of the deployment) and had to head back to work. So sad. THAT is what is beginning to bring it home for me.

Two more weeks until life gets really hectic again once school starts. I still can't believe that my baby is going to Kindergarten. Seems like she was JUST born! And then AWANA starts back up. Little Man will start going to day care/preschool twice a week. And then we'll start to roll into the birthday/holiday season. God willing, this year will roll by relatively quickly. The kids are as prepared for this deployment as possible and I think they are going to handle it just fine. Probably better than me! And that's all I can ask for.

Ok - time to take advantage of the house being empty and go get something done.


- hfs

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