The "Before"

AWTM mentioned being embarrassed about the state of her garage and how the only vehicle they could fit into it was a bike. I have no shame so I will post a picture of what our garage USED to look like :

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Granted, MacGyver sold the 1971 BMW 2002 that is buried somewhere in there (he wasn't going to have time to restore it like he had planned) so that opened up a lot of room but he's the type of guy that expands to fit a space so it only took a few hours before that space was filled with "stuff".

All joking aside, one of the things I love most about my husband is how mechanically inclined he is. In our almost 9 years of marriage, I have never once had to call a mechanic, a plumber, an electrician, a computer technician, or a carpenter. Ever.

It's not the top thing I love about him (we won't go into that here...) but it is definitely in the top 5. ;)


- hfs

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