Don't ask.

I was doing all right. Seriously. It's been 3 days and I think I've held it together quite well. The kids are doing just fine and so am I.

So why on Earth does one little innocuous question just about send me over the edge? Was it the tone and the look on the face of the person doing the asking that did it? Was it just a bad time of the day? I don't know.

But damnit, the next person that asks me, "So, how are you doing?" is going to get smacked. Especially if they ask it in that tone of voice and with that look on their face that implies that someone DIED. Good grief.

Ask me something else. ANYTHING else. Ask me how I slept last night (just fine thankyouverymuch) or how my list of things "TO DO" is coming along (see the posts below about the garage), or what book I'm reading now (see the "Interests and Obsessions" section above), or how my dad is doing with his radiation treatments (just fine according to my mother). BUT STOP ASKING ME HOW I'M DOING! Otherwise I just might tell you and I don't think you really want to know.



- hfs

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