Just a quick post. We're about 75% moved with only the remnants of the kitchen along with beds and the dining table left to go in the house. AND the garage but that is ALL MacGyver. Tomorrow we finish up the house and Thursday will be the day to do the garage. Then it's cleancleanclean. Blech.

Anyway, on to the meat of the post. Coming on post one day last week, we were stopped by one of the gate guards. Seems they had "read the reg" more thoroughly and decided that year long temp passes were no longer "within regs". We have a year long temp pass on our cars rather than a DoD sticker. There are several reasons for that; the primary one being that I do not like for my car to scream "MILITARY". The theft rate on the island is high and the thieves target military vehicles more often than local vehicles. So we have a temp.

So we are coming through the gate and the guard stops us and confiscates our pass. I was irked to say the least because not 4 hours prior, the SAME guard had NO problem with my temp pass.

Whatever. We did what we needed to do on post and then headed over to the Vehicle Registration office. Which, in a stroke of pure genius, is located OFF POST on a golf course. (*this falls under the heading, "things that make you go WHAT THE &%$@?). The person at the Registration office tells us that NO, year long temp passes are completely acceptable under the regs and the gate guard needs to pull his head out of his dark stinky place. And then issues us a NEW pass and writes the name and number of the Provost Marshall on the back in case we encounter any more problems.

Two days later, MacGyver is driving through the gate again and ANOTHER gate guard decides to confiscate the pass. Again. MacGyver argues with the guy and tells him to call the Provost Marshall. Of course, the PM isn't available but MacGyver puts up a good argument. And loses. So we're out ANOTHER temp pass.

Come to find out, there has been a change in the regs and year long temp passes are no longer to be issued. AND they are to be confiscated upon discovery. So there you are.

Fast forward to Sunday. We needed to bring a vehicle on post and drop it off. So MacGyver is in the car ahead of me (which had a DoD sticker on it) and I'm behind him in our other car which is still on a temp pass. As we're going through the gate, I see the gate guard give MacGyver a funny look and then wave him on through. As soon as MacGyver starts to pull away, the guard motions to his buddies and I hear him say "That's the guy! That's the guy I argued with the other day and confiscated his pass!" He was QUITE proud of himself. About that time I pull up in my car with my temporary year long pass and hand him my ID.

The ID that has the same last name as the guy about whom he was just joking.

The same last name as the guy from whom he confiscated the temp pass.

The same kind of pass that was sitting in the window of the car *I* was driving.

The LOOK on this guy's face was PRICELESS. I do so wish I had a camera with me. I about died laughing.

I. Love. Irony.

And we've poured over that damn reg and there is NOTHING in there about a year long temp pass being invalid. We'll be chatting with the Provost Marshall soon. As we drove back out the gate a few minutes later, we slowed down and waved. heh.


- hfs

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