Lebanon evacuation costs

I fail to understand why everyone has their panties in a wad over the fact that our government is expecting our citizens to foot the bill for their travel from Cyprus (or other "safe" spots) back to the U.S. after being evacuated from Lebanon.

Our military got them out of the warzone. And Congress/the Bush administration backed off on the requirement that evacuees foot the bill for the evacuation FROM Lebanon. Ok, fine. Not what I would have done if I ran the world but hey, not everything goes like I think it should go.

But why should I have to foot the bill to fly someone ELSE home from Cyprus? Where is the personal responsibility? I am sick and tired of this "entitlement-based society" that we appear to have become. I'm having to raid the couch and the ashtray in my car to scrape together the money to go back to the Southeast next spring to visit family but people who chose to vacation in Lebanon (who the hell "vacations" in Lebanon???) get a free ride home from Cyprus? How does THAT work?


Oh yeah...about the Israeli offensive...I think the IDF needs to bomb the heck out of Hezbollah and its strongholds and anything else in Lebanon that makes Israel unhappy and then it needs to move on to Syria. Time to send a message to all of the Islamofascists: You're through. Buh-bye.


- hfs

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