Please ask the Honolulu Advertiser to stop

If you have a moment, could you please either drop the Honolulu Advertiser a note or give them a call and ask them to stop their attempts to contact The Ware family with regard to Carl Ware's death on 1JUL06? The Advertiser has been calling Mrs. Ware, the family, and friends (to include a 70 year old neighbor who has not seen Carl Ware in 5 years) in their attempts to write a story. This harrassment is doing nothing but compounding the grief that this family is having to endure.

I am asking you to be civil and courteous in your tone but please convey the message that the attempts at contact need to end, per the request of Carl Ware's widow.

The contact information for the Honolulu Advertiser is:


If you have a concern about the accuracy, fairness or
thoroughness of an item in The Honolulu Advertiser,
please call or e-mail our reader representative:

Anne Harpham
(808) 525-8033


Further contact information can be found HERE.

Thank you. This one is personal.

UPDATE: It seems to have worked. The Advertiser has stopped calling Mrs. Ware and her family. I appreciate all of your help. Carl Ware's funeral is Friday.


- hfs

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