Sadness and honor

I have always known that military spouses are strong people. But I've not had the opportunity to witness their strength up close and personal until now. MacGyver left recently for Iraq. And while we sat at the send off, I was able to sit and admire the strength of these (mostly) women and families. Yes there were some husbands there too and they held up well too. But the overwhelming majority of spouses in our unit are women and to watch them today as they said goodbye to their soldiers was incredible.

Even though today was a sad day, I saw women smiling, laughing, and genuinely enjoying their last minutes with their husbands. I saw well-adjusted kids and parents who were holding it together for the sake of their children and their husbands. I saw people reaching out to others, knowing that we would all need a shoulder to lean on for the next year or so.

How incredible. I am honored to be a part of such a group. Sad, but honored.

Hopefully the days will get easier as we head through this deployment. Hopefully the knot that is balled up in my stomach will ease just a bit each day. Hopefully MacGyver will be bored out of his ever-loving mind while he's over there. Boring is GOOD, honey. Trust me.

MacGyver, if you're reading this...I love you with everything that I am and I miss you terribly. Stay safe and come home soon.


- hfs

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