Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

Now, most people would not expect things like this to happen here on this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But we had a pretty nasty storm roll through Thursday and it actually produced what many are calling a tornado (some are calling it a "microburst" but I know of several people who were there that SAW a funnel cloud on the ground). It did some significant damage to the hangar that MacGyver works in (and was standing in at the time of the storm).

One of the spouses on a spouse board I belong to took some pictures of the damage:
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The hangar on the right has the damage to the roof.

Luckily there were no aircraft in the hangar at the time (one good thing about the deployment, I suppose).

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It tore a good portion of the roof clean off and messed up the hangar doors as well.

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It deposited pieces of the roof on top of one of the John Deeres that was sitting outside at the time and banged it up really well.

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Just peeled it clean back.

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DPW is going to be quite busy while the Hillclimbers are in Iraq.

And here I thought we'd be getting AWAY from all of that funky weather by moving out here. Never mind the fact that there are 2 or 3 hurricanes stacked up in the Pacific marching right towards us. I think one is a Cat4 at this point. Funfunfun!

This will be my last post for a while. We are down to just a short amount of time before MacGyver's departure and we're soaking every last minute up before he leaves. If there were only a way to slow down the march of time...


- hfs

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