Why doesn't Baskin Robbins deliver?

Why is the state of Hawaii incapable of constructing a parking lot that makes sense?

Why do door-to-door salespeople NOT understand the meaning of the words, "no, thank you. I'm not interested."

Why do the kids always seem to get sick at THE most inopportune time? And why does it seem to coincide with my PMS?

Why is it that my childrens' talk AND whine buttons are linked together and stuck in the "ON" position?

Why are the aisles at WalMart NOT big enough to fit 2 carts down at the same time? And why are all of the school supplies crammed in to the 2 smallest aisles? And WHY is it necessary to bring the entire extended family shopping for school supplies at 6pm on a Monday evening???

And why is it NOT legal to shoot stupid people?

Is it Friday yet? Calgon...take me away! Somebody stop this planet. I want OFF.


- hfs

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