I can't walk...

Ok, I can walk but there is a lot of muscle pain involved. One of my goals that I set for myself while MacGyver is off playing Army is to get in shape and start exercising on a regular basis.

I used to be in shape. In high school, I swam 5,000-10,000 yards a day on a pretty regular basis. In college, I was an Exercise and Sport Science major so physical activity was a given (I had to do SOMETHING to counteract all of the empty calories from the beer!). And when I started teaching and coaching, I had to be able to keep up with my kids so I stayed in shape then too. Since having my OWN children though, I have not had the time (nor the energy) to stay in shape. If I do get 5 minutes to myself, the LAST thing I want to do is exercise.

So my once-toned arms and legs aren't so toned anymore. And my stamina for all things physical is not what it used to be either. Which could be a problem when MacGyver gets back and we head to Colorado for our 10th anniversary. I'd prefer to do more than suck wind in the hotel while we're there.

I've been doing pushups and situps and leg exercises at home since MacGyver left. But that only goes so far. So Tuesday I decided to load Little Man into the backpack and schlepp him with me while I walked Princess Trouble to school. My original plan was to plop him in the jog stroller and do it that way but the tires on the stroller need to be repaired so into the backpack he went.

Now, Little Man is only 2.5 years old. And he's a string bean. BUT he's still 26+ pounds and I"m all of 115 sopping wet. Added to the pound or two of the backpack, that's about 30 pounds on my petite frame. The distance between my house and Princess Trouble's school is about 1 mile. So 2 miles round trip. The first mile (on the way to school) is at a semi-leisurely pace. Princess Trouble is almost 5 and doesn't understand the concept of keeping up the pace. But it's a good warm up.

Once I drop her off, my pace on the return trip picks up considerably. By the time I round the corner to the street that leads to my house (which has a slight incline), I'm feeling it. But I do my best to keep up the pace on that little hill and even get my arms into the mix to add to the cardio workout. By the time I get home, I'm huffing and puffing and feeling the burn in my legs.

But it's a "good" pain. Yeah, riiiiight. Pain is pain and, though the cause of the pain might be a "good" thing, it's still PAIN.

Now, where is the damn Tylenol?

Seriously though, I like the walk. I like the fact that I'm essentially going on a 2 mile ruck march 3 times per week. I'll like it even more when I start seeing results (like my hiney being back where it belongs and not trying to make friends with the back of my legs!). Next week we skip the shortcuts and make it more like a 2.5 mile round trip.

I should take some "before" pictures so that I will have something to compare to in a year. hmm...


- hfs

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