I think I've hit the wall

The momentum surrounding the deployment and the send off has worn off. The excitement of sending Princess Trouble to Kindergarten has worn off. Two of my good friends have PCSd from the island and two of my friends have headed back to the mainland for the duration of the deployment (all four within a day of MacGyver's departure...bleh).

And now I'm left with the next 50+ weeks. Yuck. Yuckyuckyuck. I feel like I've hit the wall. At a swim meet if a swimmer is kicking butt in the beginning of the race but all of a sudden drops off and falls behind, it is said that they have "hit the wall". That's how I feel. All of my energy is gone. All of my motivation is gone. Personally speaking, I'd prefer to simply stay in my jammies and hang out on the couch for the next 12 months.

It doesn't help that a lot of my local friends have kind of dropped off the face of the Earth. But they all have their own lives and their own things to deal with so I can't really fault them though it is frustrating. I suppose it is time to really focus in on exercising. I am planning to start working my way back into shape and adding some muscle to my petite frame. MacGyver and I are planning and saving for a trip to Colorado next fall for our 10th anniversary and I'd like to be able to do something besides suck air when we go for hikes. Plus, exercising is free and I will have a car payment here soon so I suppose it's a good idea to focus on the things that don't cost money.

Ugh. Enough with the pity party. There's a slice of Godiva Chocolate cheesecake calling my name in the fridge. Time to go liberate it. And then eat it.


- hfs

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