2 Navy SEALs Honored in D.C.

2 Navy SEALs Honored

A Pearl Harbor-based Navy SEAL who was killed in a fierce firefight with Taliban forces in Afghanistan in June 2005 was honored yesterday with the nation's second highest military award for valor.

Many of my readers might remember the Navy SEALs that lost their lives, along with members of the Nightstalkers, and the memorial at Punchbowl that followed. It's about time these men recieved the recognition they were due. Godspeed gentlemen and thank you SO much for your service and sacrifice. My prayers are with your families.

Froggy and Matt over at Blackfive report that "The One" who survived is doing well and has returned to duty. I expected nothing less. What an honor to the memories of his fellow SEALs and Nightstalkers.


- hfs

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