I apologize

for being somewhat absent for the past few weeks. Life here is good though hectic. The kids are doing well and we are getting into our groove with this deployment. Took us a while but, being that this is our first deployment and our first long-term separation from MacGyver, it took us a few weeks to adjust and find our rhythm. But we're good now.

One of the interesting things about this deployment (I'm assuming it is the same for most deployments?) is that I have really had time to take a long, hard look at my priorities and who I surround myself with. And, in doing so, I came to the realization (with the help of a former friend) that not only were my priorities out of whack but I had also surrounded myself with people who did not create a healthy environment for me or my family. I have been working to effect a change in that area. May take a while but my family is my number one priority in life - anyone who knows me well knows this. I make no apologies for this. It IS who I am and it is who I always will be.

However, I do realize that there are areas of my life that I need to work on. And so I am. Life is about change and no one is perfect so you just keep working at it, right? That's the best that anyone can do and the most that anyone can ask of you.


- hfs

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