Mail time!

We just got a letter.
We just got a letter.
We just got a letter.
Wonder who it's from?

Those of you who watch Blue's Clues will get that ;)

Today was a good mail day. There are bad mail days where the mailbox is full of nothing but bills and junk mail. And then there are days like today!

My in-laws have a cabin in the mountains. They head up there as often as possible and I have asked on several occasions that my MIL put some pine needles in a baggie and send them on over. Well, she did. Just when I was beginning to miss the turning of the leaves and the changing of the season, I now have Pine Tree in a Bag. Woohoo!!! All I have to do is crank up the a/c and stick my face in that bag and smell the piney goodness!

I also got my copy of Matt's compilation, The Blog of War. I managed to catch Major E and his wife on CNN the other day and have literally been chomping at the bit to read this book. It is very near and dear to my heart. I'll post my thoughts on it once I get through it (which might very well be tonight if this insomnia keeps up!).

There were also some cards and gifts in there for Princess Trouble who is approaching the ripe old age of 5 here soon (only if I let her live that long...). All in all, a GREAT mail day!

Combine that with a lovely chat with MacGyver and life was pretty damn good today. I'll take it!


- hfs

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