Me: 1 Deployment Gremlins: 0

Take that you bastards! Score one for the good guys!

I've been having issues with my sink for a week or so. The disposal side would get clogged and I'd either have to plunge it or stick my hand down there and scoop some of the muck out. Those of you who have seen the "Final Destination" movies will know that this did not come easily to me. I had scenes of the disposal turning on all by itself and shredding my hand running through my mind at the time. Not to mention the muck itself was pretty gross.

But the damn thing always seemed to back up on me at night and usually the day before I had NO time to sit around and wait for my landlord to call a plumber.

So tonight I was cleaning up the dishes from dinner and clearing out some of the leftovers from the fridge and it backed up on me again. Great. Tuna casserole combined with broccoli salad makes for some really nasty MUCK. Yippee skippee. JUST what I wanted to be doing with my Thursday evening. Not.

No dice on the fishing around method. So I head out to grab the plunger. Can I tell you how much I HATE plungers? They are NASTY. Even brand new, they are NASTY. Now, I'm not a girly-girl. Those of you who know me personally know that I am not prissy in any way and very little phases me. THIS is one of the few things that phases me. But I'd rather face my fear of the plunger rather than waste my Friday waiting for the plumber (not up for butt crack on a Friday afternoon).

So I plunge. And I plunge. And I PLUNGE. Quite the upper body and ab workout, I might add. So why are the majority of plumbers fat??? I don't get that. Whatever. I plunge and plunge to no avail. That muck isn't going anywhere. I plunge the other side. No dice. I try the fill-both-sides-with-hot-water-while-they-are-plugged-up-with-stoppers
and-see-if-you-can-get-the-clog-to-cut-loose method. No dice.

So, I punt. I IM MacGyver and ask him if we have a snake. Not the scaly variety - those are illegal on this island. But the flexible metal variety that you can push down a pipe to clear a clog. Only I can't do that on a disposal. Dammit. But MacGyver tells me I can pop off the pipe that connects the disposal side of the sink to the non-disposal side and I should find the clog there. Being MacGyver, he HAS a pipe wrench and I actually know where it is! Yay me! So I run upstairs and grab it and come back downstairs, ready to attack the pipe that has thus far mocked me. I am in NO mood for mocking. I am running on 4 hours of sleep and I have a great BOOK waiting for me. I don't WANT to play Suzy Plumber. Grr. I make sure I have buckets and towels on hand (my mother did not raise a fool! Nor did my father.) and I start to loosen the fitting. I get one side loose and still nothing. So I go after the other side and BAM! (just like Emeril) the pipe comes off into the bucket and water begins to drain from the sink into the bucket as well. I pull the pipe out and - lo and behold - there is one HELL of a clog in the pipe. The pipe itself is probably about 10 inches long and the clog was a good 6-8 inches in length.

Problem SOLVED!!! And the first round of me versus the deployment gremlins goes to ME!!!!!

The pipe is now back on. The sink is scrubbed as is the surrounding countertop. The dishes are done, the floor is clean. And I am off to bed to READ.


- hfs

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