"Broke College Student" decor

Airforcewife has a post up about her decorating style over at SpouseBUZZ and it got me to thinking about my own decorating style (or lack, thereof).

When MacGyver and I were married, my father (a woodworker) asked me what I wanted as a wedding present. I told him I wanted a mission style bed made out of cherry wood. That and my photo albums and scrapbooks are really the only two things I own (can't speak for MacGyver on this one) that would cause me grief if they were to be damaged or destroyed. Everything else is either purely utilitarian in nature or a hand-me-down, or both. The leather sectional couch was given to us by MacGyver's parents when they got new furniture. The oak dining set came from an old cabin up in Big Bear. The china cabinet is actually an old stereo cabinet that we found at an antique store in Colorado. One of our dressers is MacGyver's old dresser from when he was a kid and the other is an old dresser we found at an antique store in Tennessee. Our computer desk is 2 filing cabinets and a slab of plywood.

All of it seems to hold up well to the abuse that the children and the military movers dish out to it. None of it is irreplacable. None of it is expensive (I had a hard time spending $400 on our entertainment center. I think that is the most I have EVER spent on a piece of furniture in my life.).

Our decor matches the style of our furniture. We have family pictures up but the focal point of our wall decor is 5 mounted and framed posters from The New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Yep, beer posters. What says "college" like beer posters?? Granted, they are nicely done and nicely framed but still, they are beer posters. However, I like them and they remind me of Colorado so they stay and always will. Maybe not always in the living room where they are right now but they will stay.

The only other piece of decor that really means much to us is the rug that MacGyver's brother sent us from Afghanistan.

EVENTUALLY I would like to get REAL furniture. Stores like Restoration Hardware, Ethan Allen, and Pottery Barn have always fascinated me. I walk through those stores and just drool. I would love to be stationed overseas if for no other reason than to be able to bring back some lovely furniture.

But the idea of the kids climbing all over it and leaving smudgy fingerprints on it or the movers destroying it is enough to give me ulcers. So the "real" furniture will have to wait until either the kids are older or the military movers are no longer a part of our lives. Maybe that will be part of the retirement celebration - new furniture to go in our new house. Ah, something to look forward to!

So, if you ask me what my "style" of decor is...I'd have to answer "lived in". Sounds better than "broke college student", doesn't it?

What's YOUR style?


- hfs

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