Colorado Dreamin'

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MacGyver and I are approaching our 10 year anniversary next year. Should be happening about the time he gets home from the sandbox. One of the things that has helped me keep my sanity is planning our 10 year anniversary getaway.

He and I attended college at Colorado State and we both feel in love with Colorado. We miss it TERRIBLY and we both hope and pray that DA (department of the Army) gets their act together and moves 4ID up to Fort Carson, Colorado (near Colorado Springs) SOON as that would mean that there would be an active-duty Chinook unit in Colorado. Anyway, I digress.

We fell in love with the state and we miss it terribly. So, for our 10 year anniversary, I am planning a week-long get-away for the two of us to our adopted home-state sometime next fall. I'm trying to skimp in some areas (using frequent flier mileage and companion tickets for airfare discounts, renting a cheap car instead of a luxury car) so that we may splurge in other areas such as lodging and food. One of the options I have found, in terms of lodging is a WONDERFUL hotel called the Hotel Teatro downtown. It looks YUMMY. I can almost smell the pine trees and crisp mountain air as I type.

Can you tell I miss it??

While we are there, we will most definitely hit up our favorite restaurant on the planet, The Flagstaff House. Hell, it's our anniversary and MacGyver has put up with me for 10 years (15 if you count all the years we will have been together). I think we should go TWICE and we just might. We will also be stopping at Beau Jo's for pizza, New Belgium and O'Dell's for beer, and Walrus Ice Cream for dessert.

I'm also hoping we can work this trip so taht we can catch a Colorado State Football game (GO RAMMIES!!! BEAT WYO!!!) and possibly a Rockies game too.

This is my way of coping, I suppose. I could spend hours on line just looking up all things relating to Colorado. I've never been so homesick for a location before in my life. Not even when I left my hometown years ago. So I plan.

I plan.

I dream.

I wait (somewhat) patiently.

Because not only will we vacation there for our 10 year anniversary, we plan to retire there someday too.

Someday. *sigh*

I can't wait.

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- hfs

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