The Foley Scandal

All I have to say on this issue is the following:

* Foley and the other Republicans who knew about this just cost the GOP control of the House. Thanks you dumbasses. Those that knew need to step down and face prosecution for being an accessory to a felony.

* It appears to me that there were some Democrats that were aware of what was going on as well. They should face the same fate as the Republicans that knew. Then again, the Democratic leadership or party did not seem to think that lying under oath, engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor, or running a prostitution ring from the home of a Representative worthy of any kind of prosecution or consequence, I doubt that will happen.

Foley needs to fry. But the difference between the GOP and the Democratic party is that Foley was booted the moment conclusive evidence came to light. The Democrats still hail Slick Willy as the Second Coming. Big difference.

Regardless, it is all disgusting.


- hfs

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