If anyone finds my brain

can you please send it back to me? Seems I have lost mine.

Wednesday night I had a class on post. My neighbor watched the kids for me. The audio/visual equipment wasn't working so class got out early. Cool beans. I had time to hit the commissary and even stop at Baskin Robbins for ice cream before I needed to come home and get the kids. I got what I needed at the commissary and grabbed a sundae at BR. Came home, put the groceries away and the ice cream in the freezer for after the kids went to bed.

We did our bedroom routine and the kids were in bed by 830. I tidied up the kitchen and the house (because my OCD doesn't allow me to leave dishes in the sink...) and then proceded to FORGET about the sundae. Yes, I forgot about my ice cream. Those of you who know me personally KNOW how out-of-character this is for me.

Once I was done with tidying up, I decided to sit down watch some of the shows I had on DVR. And I decided to pour myself a drink. So I went into my clean kitchen and poured the drink. I decided to change into my jammies before I sat down to relax so I went upstairs and changed. When I came down, I plopped down on the couch and, again, forgot about what I had prepared for myself. I watched my shows and then headed upstairs to bed.

I came down the next morning to find the drink on the counter and the sundae still in the freezer.

I am losing my mind.

So if anyone finds it, can you please send it back? Please? Thanks.


- hfs

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