Rocking and Rolling in the Pacific

First, those of you having a drink on my "behalf" please be aware that I am drinking right along with you! I'd much rather drink WITH someone as opposed to alone ;)

**For those of you living under rocks, Hawai'i was nailed with a magnitude 6.6 earthquake Sunday morning about 7am. It was centered under the Big Island of Hawai'i which is the southernmost island in the state and the Big Island was what took the brunt of the damage. However that damage was limited and I have not heard anything about casualties. **

Everyone in our house is good though I'm pretty sure I aged a bit this morning. Having grown up in Southern California with a father who was both a safety engineer and an employee of the Southern California Gas Company, I am well-versed in earthquakes, aftershocks, and disaster preparedness. The first thing I did this morning (after downing a shot of chocolate tequila) was get out the gun, shut off the breakers to the important stuff, and store a bunch of water. My daddy didn't raise a fool ;)

Power came back on about 3pm and has been spotty since. But it seems to be back on for good at this point. Still not sure about the water supply - there was talk about water shortages due to the power outage but I'm not sure what's up with that since the Hawaii Civil Defense website is down (go figure). We're ok with that for now. Hopefully it will hold out long enough to get the kids bathed.

The earthquake itself was pretty impressive. I had just hit the snooze button for the second time and things started rocking and rolling. I'm not a fan of earthquakes by any means so I had to remind myself not to panic and to breathe but it started to taper off so I started to relax. Then the second jolt hit and things got dicey so I bolted downstairs to check on the kids. They were still asleep so I hung out in the doorway until the shaking stopped. Power went out about 5-10 minutes later. We had decent-sized aftershock about 5-10 minutes after that and I have not felt anything since.

Preliminary reports put the magnitude at about 6.6 with the large aftershock measuring 5.8. Impressive by any standards. Even more impressive that the worst thing to happen was some damage to the hospital on the Big Island of Hawaii, some possible damage to bridges on the Big Island, and the power outage (statewide).

So we're good. Thank God for cell phones. I was able to text message and talk to MacGyver and reassure him that we are ok. I was able to stay in touch with most people via IM/Yahoo on my phone though it was spotty and still is. Thanks for the prayers, kind thoughts, and concern!


- hfs

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