Defiant Iraqi PM disavows timetable

"I affirm that this government represents the will of the people and no one has the right to impose a timetable on it," the prime minister said.

As long as OUR service members are there, putting THEIR lives on the line because YOU and your government and the people of YOUR country can't find the balls necessary to stand up to the foreign fighters and tell them to go the @&%$ home so that you all can get on with your lives and not live in CONSTANT fear, and as long as OUR country is sending MY tax dollars over there to rebuild your freaking country because you people ONCE AGAIN couldn't find the backbone to stand up to a freaking lunatic dictator...YOU BET YOUR ASS WE HAVE THE RIGHT IMPOSE TIMETABLES!

You represent the "will of the people"? Then step up and start protecting them so WE DON'T HAVE TO. Didn't anyone ever tell you NOT to bite the hand that feeds you?? You might want to mosey on down to the market place, Mr. PrimeMinisterMan, and get you a new pair of underware because it seems to me that you are getting just a little to big for your britches.

Crowds of Shiite men, some carrying pistols and others hoisting giant posters of al-Sadr, swarmed onto the district's streets Wednesday morning, chanting, "America has insulted us."

Throughout the day and into the night, U.S. F-16 jet fighters growled across the Baghdad sky, and at one point the report of tank cannon fire echoed across the city five times in quick succession.

Streets were empty and shops closed, although the district still had electricity from the national power grid.

We've INSULTED you? Seriously? Really. Insulted? Seriously. We deposed one of the NASTIEST dictators on the face of the planet. You have a government that "represents the will of the people" (see quote at beginning of post). You have electricity in areas that haven't seen electricity EVER (yet you all choose to close up shop and go home rather than stay open and make money in order to improve your standard of living). And you have THE BEST military force in the world laying their lives on the line to the best of their ability (well, the best of their ability while limited by all sorts of bullshit politics and ridiculous concerns about "political correctness" and "winning hearts and minds") and yet WE insult YOU. Riiiight.

I am sick of this. I am sick of watching my husband and the rest of our military forces bust their ass for a nation that is unwilling to put forth even the most meager bit of effort when it comes to taking responsibility for themselves and their future. How DARE you??? You think it would be BETTER if we left? Yeah, we see how well you all did the last time we tucked tail and ran. You all got yourselves in an even deeper pile of dog doodoo.

So, no thanks. I'd rather we do this and do it right, and do it right now. Because I don't want my SON to have to clean up the THIRD round of this shit 15 years from now thankyouverymuch.

So, Mister PrimeMininsterMan, why don't you spend less time on your knees under Muqtada alSadr's desk and more time on your feet leading your country out of the f$@*&%$g dark ages so my husband can COME HOME?

Good freaking grief people. Seriously.


- hfs

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