Well, THAT'S a pisser

Our morning routine consists of the following:

1.) roust children from bed
2.) remind them to visit the bathroom
3.) mix up Carnation Instant Breakfast in sippy cups and distribute
4.) turn on TV to watch Dora the Explorer

It's a nice little routine. We like it. This morning I get to step 4 with no problem. I go to push the "ON" button at the bottom of the TV and it gives WAY! Darn thing falls INTO the control console!

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Hmm...I don't think it's supposed to DO that. We only have 1 TV. I do not believe in having TVs in the bedroom. So we have ONE. Thankfully we have a remote for this TV so hopefully it will continue to function, at least until MacGyver gets home for R&R and can tear into it. It's entirely too big and heavy for me to schlep to the repair shop nor do I really like the idea of being without it for however long it will take them to fix it.

We don't watch much TV but I am a single parent at the moment with 2 small children, very little sanity, and an approaching rainy season (therefore outside play will be limited). Can't say I'm really a fan of being without a TV for any period of time.

Lovely. Score one for the Deployment Gremlins. Little bastards. Heh.


- hfs

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