Adding injury to insult

So, on top of everything else, I think I've managed to break my toe.


Please don't ask me HOW I broke my toe. I do not know. (hey...that rhymes! I'm a poet and didn't know it!) My foot started hurting Monday but the pain was very generalized and I couldn't put my finger on it (literally). Tuesday the pain became more localized and I was able to tell that it was my 2nd toe on my left foot that hurt but it didn't look broken or swollen or bruised or anything. It just HURT.

I woke up this morning and the damn thing is swollen to the point that they almost had to cut my toe ring off (managed to get it off with a lot of Vaseline and a lot of cussing!). I'm still waiting to hear what the x-rays show. But it sure FEELS like I broke it. Of course, there is really nothing to DO for a broken toe except limp and complain. Both of which I am good at.

Still, quite annoying. As if the chest and back pain (from the coughing) and sore throat weren't enough. Lovely. I'm not a fan of my body at the moment. Grr.

At least Christmas and R&R are coming!!!!! Yay! Something to look forward to!


- hfs

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