The DX

For those of you unfamiliar with medical lingo, "dx" refers to the diagnosis. A lot easier to write too, especially for those poor doctors who never passed penmanship in elementary school ;~)

Anyway, the diagnosis is acute bronchitis which is what I figured. No pneumonia which is good but the doc did say that it looks like I've sprained the intercostal muscles (the little muscles between the ribs) pretty well. Yay. Thankfully, no chest xray.

I was sent home with all sorts of fun meds - albuterol (a stimulant), benzonatate (causes drowsiness), Robitussin with codeine (another depressant), the ever-present 800 mg Motrin, and Zithromax to be taken if my symptoms do not begin to improve in 48 hours. The doc doubts that it's bacterial so I'll hold off on the antibiotics for a bit. And, as AWTM mentioned in the comments for the previous entry, LOTS of fluids. Don't have to worry about humidity - Hawai'i has an overabundance of that at the moment though hot steamy showers do seem to make me feel better.

So, I'm not dying though sometimes I feel like I am. But again, small blessings in that the timing of all of this is as good as it's going to get! Thanks for all of the well-wishes!


- hfs

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