After-Action Review: Christmas

All in all it wasn't bad. Not great. But not bad. It helped having my best friend here - made me feel not quite so much of an outsider. The kids received more toys than they deserve but that's ok. No major dramas and no major fiascos so all is well.

Both of my laptops are currently out of commission (I'm posting this from my BIL's computer) so I will not be around much until MacGyver gets home on R&R in a few weeks and can fix them. And, once he's home, I won't be around much then either ;~) We have nothing exciting planned (well...nothing that I'm willing to post about on the internet!) and are simply looking forward to enjoying his presence for a short while.

Thank you all for your thoughts, kind words, and prayers. I truly believe that they made a huge difference in the amount of joy felt this holiday season.

I wish everyone a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!


- hfs

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