Making a list and checking it twice

I already know who is naughty and nice...

BusyBusyBusy!!! The in-laws are here so life has jumped from mundane and normal to "tour-guide speed". I've been dealing with some medical issues this week so the first full day they were here I was ordered to stay home and rest while they took the kids to the Bishop Museum and the swap meet. Works for me. I managed to sneak in a 3 hour nap which did wonders for me. That was followed by 11 hours of sleep that night and another 2 hour nap the next afternoon. At this rate, I should be back up to 100% in no time.

Today was a day to get OUT of the house. It was raining early in the AM but then cleared up nicely (though my father-in-law doubted me). We headed up to the North Shore to check out the big waves. And they were BIG. 20-25 feet. Of course, this put a damper on the plans to snorkel but what are you going to do? We stopped at Kua Aina Burgers for lunch and then grabbed shave ice at Aoki's afterward.

Then it was back home for more naps!

This evening, we took the kids downtown to the mall for the "Gift of Aloha" Christmas show and Candy Cane Train ride. They had a ball.

Tomorrow, Uncle K and Aunt W come in. Before they come in I need to hit the commissary for the Christmas fixins. We also need to hit the Navy Exchange and the Class VI/Package Store for a few things. And then we are going to grab dinner at the Hale Koa and watch fireworks on the beach tomorrow night.

I have yet to wrap a single present. Need to get on that.

My house is a mess and I need to tidy things up a bit. My car could stand to be washed as well. But those things can wait.

Less than a month before MacGyver comes home for R&R. That will be MY Chrismtas gift!!!


- hfs

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