Update on us

Hopefully this week will be kinder to us than the past two weeks have been. Little Man is better with just a minor cough left over. I am on the mend too but cannot seem to shake the fatigue. The toe is feeling better too.

Princess Trouble raised $25 on her toy sale. Which, given the fact that it wasn't a big sale in terms of quantity and the fact that it rained off and on all day long, is pretty good. We'll add that amount to the amount I had already budgeted.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. The lights are up. No tree yet but we'll be getting that sometime this week. The Advent calendar is out and the kids look forward to the treats each evening. Given the fact that this will be our first Christmas without MacGyver, they are holding up well. I am too, which is a blessing. It helps that his R&R date falls shortly after the holidays.

Two weeks until family gets here and we get to start playing tour guides. Should be lots of fun. We plan to hit the North Shore a few times, hike Diamond Head and the Moanalua Falls Trail, experience Haunama Bay, hit the Windward Side of the island for pancakes at Koa Pancake House and then head to Lanikai beach for a bit. I'm hoping to finally take the time to go visit the Pearl Harbor memorial and the USS Missouri. I was able to tour the Mighty 'Mo back before she was decommissioned during Desert Storm and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Hopefully my brother-in-law and I can get some scuba diving in while he's here as well. And there will also be a trip to the Bishop Museum (they are opening up a new dinosaur exhibit that Little Man will flip over!), Dole Plantation, and Bellows Beach Park as well. Busybusybusy! Keeps us all out of trouble!

Then once everyone leaves, the excitement begins for R&R. I'm trying not to get too excited just yet. Let me get through the holidays and then I'll focus on R&R. One thing at a time. Otherwise I might just explode!

That's about it from this end. Going to bed early lately has really put a crimp on my blogging. For that, I apologize. In the mean time, head over to SpouseBUZZ and see what's going on!


- hfs

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