I don't make resolutions. I just don't. They seem pointless and a little too lemming-like for me. I do, however, set goals. My goals for this deployment were (in no particular order):

- visit as many places on my "TO SEE/DO" list here on the island as possible
STATUS: getting there. I've been to Pearl Harbor (and once I get a chance to upload photos I will post about it), I've visited several botanical gardens, museums, beaches, and parks on the island that I had yet to go to. I've eaten at new restaurants and tried new foods. There is still much to cover but I'm making progress.

- learn to sew
STATUS: still working on it. It's a matter of eeking out the time to sit down with the machine and the manual and set to work. I also need to decide on a starter project and get supplies.

- get in shape
STATUS: in progress. I had a few setbacks the past few months but I'm working my way back to where I was and then I'll push on ahead. I'm joining a gym soon that has 3 things I long for: a pool, a rowing machine, and drop-in child care. Doesn't get much better than that!

- read the Bible all the way through
STATUS: just getting started. My friend M and I are going at this one together. January 1 seemed like a good place to start so here we are.

- send a card and/or gift to each person for whom I have a birthdate
STATUS: ready to go. I have the cards. The dates are written on the calendar. The first batch of cards is ready to be mailed out. Along with the Christmas cards...heh.

That's about it. My goals for 2007 are pretty much a continuation of the goals I set for this deployment. I'd love to be able to look back in 12 months and say that I've accomplished each and every goal I set.

What are YOUR goals?


- hfs

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