My little turd

So Little Man has some of the same issues that Princess Trouble had. Mainly, he likes to withhold his BMs. He's on Miralax like she is in order to help him avoid the encopresis issues that she had. Because of the meds, he soils 6-8 diapers per day. Doesn't necessarily FILL them, just makes enough of a mess to stink and need to be changed.

Gets just a little old after a while, especially when I'm the only one changing his diapers. But he's shown no interest in using the potty and, to be honest, I don't have the energy to deal with trying to potty train him at the moment. Figured I would get to it when MacGyver gets home for good.

So, for R&R, I told MacGyver that I did not want to have to change a SINGLE poopy diaper for the entire 14 days. I don't want anything else other than that out of R&R. So what does my little turd do today at day care???!!!


I don't know whether to celebrate or cry. He's going to potty train himself in the next few days before MacGyver gets home for R&R and then MacGyver will NEVER have to change a poopy diaper! DAMMIT!

Seriously, I was thrilled! Made a HUGE deal out of it and immediately took the kids for ice cream. And he goes back to day care on Friday ;) We'll let THEM potty train him! heh.


- hfs

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