Out on a limb

Neal Boortz had this to say in his website column on January 11th:

There is this to consider. Almost anywhere in the world where you see violence .. where you see one identifiable group of people trying to kill another .. you will find that they are Muslims. I'm not sure just how many shooting wars or conflicts, large and small, there are around the world. I think that the number is somewhere between 120 and 130. In all but about four you will find Muslims involved. Everywhere you look .. Muslims killing people; and we're supposed to believe that this is a peaceful religion? Muslim organization beat their gums all they want about the wonderful, peaceful nature of the serene religion of Islam .. but just look around on your own a bit and you find all the evidence you need to see that this concept of loving, peaceful Islam is simply not true.

I have to agree. While I will concede that there ARE pockets of the Middle East and the rest of the world that harbor peaceful communities of Muslims, the way I see it is that wherever there is strife or unrest in the world, chances are that there are Muslims involved.

Is it because Islam is really not a religion of peace? Or is it because Islam has been hijacked by the Islamofascists and therefore perverted into the violent and genocidal thing that it is today? I don't know. Nor do I care. The reasons behind the current nature of Islam are of no concern to me. What IS of concern to me is how we - the West...those that the Islamofascists want to see wiped off the face of the Earth - choose to deal with it.

We are so wrapped around the axle when it comes to this one. We do not want to appear Hitleresque in our approach to the situation. But the reality is that we have 2 options:

1.) eliminate Islamofascists from the world and return Islam to it's supposed peaceful state (unlikely)


2.) put the fear of God into them. Accept the fact that terrorists and terrorism (and Islamofascism) will never be fully eliminated and send a VERY CLEAR message that we will NOT be messed with. That anyone who does mess with us will be eliminated. Not punished. Not "dealt with". Not sanctioned against.

Eliminated. Reduced to rubble. Whichever euphemism you wish to use. But the message must be clear - you will not F&#k with us. Ever.

Until we do that, we will continue to be hounded by those who wish to see us wiped off the face of the planet. Politicking and appeasement will not work. We've spent the last 25 years proving that to ourselves and to the rest of the world. It is time to get up off our knees and truly start defending ourselves. If we fail to do this, my son and your son and possibly even my daughter will be fighting this war when they become adults.


- hfs

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