R&R update

Time has been C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G and it's divine. We literally have nothing planned and it's been glorious! Our days have been made up of the day to day things that MacGyver had been missing out on - school, Awana, church, hanging out with friends, running errands. We spend a lot of time just sitting near each other. It's wonderful. We still have several days left and my hope is that they crawl by as slowly as the first days have.

The kids have loved having Daddy home but the wonderful thing is that they seem to have picked up right where we left off and didn't miss a beat. Hopefully the goodbye will go as smoothly as R&R itself has.

Update on the Nissan's a/c compressor replacement: the job is done! Unfortunately, there is still a scream and now the a/c is not blowing cold air. We think there is a clog in one of the lines but we're not sure. Grr. Thankfully, I now have MacGyver here to help me figure it out. But she's up and running again which is nice! She's my beach car and I've missed her.

If you all get a chance, a good friend of mine could use some prayers. My friend Jen's 5 year old son became disoriented and unable to recognize family the other day, along with slurring his words. Looks like it was a seizure but there is no definitive diagnosis as of yet. EEGs have been run as have CT scans and now they are waiting for the pediatric neurologist to have a look at the results. Her husband is on his way home on Emergency Leave but it's a scary situation and they could definitely use your prayers.

And if anyone knows of cheap airfare to Washington, D.C., let me know. I'm starting to look into making a trip out for the MilBlogging conference in May but our finances are tight right now so I'm looking for ways to a.) minimize costs and b.) raise funds to avoid having an impact on our budget. I don't know if I can go a year without seeing these people!!! Last year was so much FUN!


- hfs

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