Temporary concession

UPDATE 1.13.2007: YES! It took 4 hands, 5 socket wrench extensions, a step ladder, a hammer, a mirror, and a flashlight but the bolts came loose and the new compressor has been installed. I managed to lose an O-ring and they needed to be replaced anyway so I need to pick those up and I'll be ready to reconnect the compressor lines and recharge the coolant (tomorrow) and she should be good to go! Hallelujah!

UPDATE 1.12.2007: A friend from church is coming over tomorrow afternoon to take a look at things and see if he can get at the bolts. Woohoo! I might get this done before MacGyver gets home after all!

All right. Dammit. I concede defeat. At least temporarily.

I cannot get a decent angle on either of the 2 bottom bolts holding the air conditioning compressor on to the engine. Therefore I cannot get it loose. I've tried everything I can think of and everything that everyone else has suggested:

- using a cheater bar
- crawling under the car to get at it
- laying on top of the engine to get a better angle

I just can't get enough muscle behind the wrench to get them loose from any of the angles. When I go to church on Sunday, there are a couple people I can talk to and see if maybe they can make it over that afternoon or early next week to help me out. If not, MacGyver can help me when he comes home.

But *I* want to be the one to actually DO this. I started it. I want to finish it. And then I need to change the oil. If I get really adventurous (and with the help of one of the guys at church who owns a local 4x4 shop) I may even try to tackle the seal on the rear differential at some point.

But for now, I concede defeat. Dammit.


- hfs

p.s. Congratulations to CaliValleyGirl on becoming CaliValleyFiancee!. Woohoo!!! Another Hooker's Wife joins the club!

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