Update on the Pathfinder

Mother Nature is my biggest obstacle right now. We've had some pretty heavy rains which makes working on the car a bit impossible.

I've managed to get the lines disconnected from the compressor. The Pathfinder was switched over from freon to RA134 a while back so there's no worry about that issue. I'm having trouble getting at the 2 bolts on the bottom of the compressor that hold it to the engine. They are in a horribly awkward position to get at from the top (can't really get a cheater bar down there to help with the torque) and my arms aren't long enough to get at them with much force from the bottom (again, not enough room to get a cheater bar in there).

Once I get those 2 bolts off, I can take the compressor out and put the new one in. I'd really like to be able to get this done before MacGyver comes home for R&R. Thankfully (trying to look at the silver lining here...) his departure date has been pushed back so that gives me more time to try to wait out Mother Nature and the rainstorms she's been sending our way.

I must admit I am having fun. Growing up, I hung around while my dad tinkered on the old Celica. I loved the smell of engine oil and gasoline. I never really got a chance to get my hands dirty but I did learn how to change my own oil and tires (thanks Mom!). MacGyver has always been willing to let me watch, do, and learn but that's tough with 2 kids to keep track of. Now that they are older, it's easier for me to tinker.

Shannon mentions in the comments below busted knuckles (yep, got those), the aching back (yep...pulled a muscle in my right shoulder trying to get the bolts loose), and the dirty fingernails (got those too). I understand where she's coming from. You couldn't pay me to work on my Accord - too much of a hassle. That is why I have a full warranty and service contract with Honda. Thankfully, the Pathy is older and therefore not as overwhelmed with computers like newer cars. And thankfully I have the Accord to fall back on if I screw up the Pathy. If not, I'd be forking out the money happily to have a real mechanic work on it.

The rain should be letting up on Wednesday and hopefully that evening I can get back into the engine comparment and go after those 2 last bolts. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted!


- hfs

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