Listen UP.

To those who would agree with William Arkin and his ilk, the Democrats, the defeatist Republicans, and anyone else who has a gripe about the Global War on Terror:

My husband puts his life on the line daily in order to follow the orders of his Commander in Chief, for his country, and for you. He does this willingly and without hesitation. He does this so that YOU may exercise your RIGHT to say what you think, no matter how offensive or disgusting it may be.

What you fail to realize is that with that right comes a responsibility. One you have failed to uphold. Your responsibility is to criticise but to do so in a constructive manner. In a manner that offers solutions and alternatives. I have yet to see or hear either.

Good leaders build UP. They build up those they are trying to lead. Rarely do they tear down. If they do, it is because they have an alternative in mind. An end goal. A different way to do things. A new approach that they will offer.

Have any of you done that? Has ANYONE on the opposite side of the fence on this issue come up with any kind of viable alternative? I'll be damned if I've seen one.

Show me.

You say we're doing it wrong. So show me. Show me how you'd do it "RIGHT". Don't just tell me it's being done "wrong".

Because I have yet to see anything that indicates to me that there is a better way to do this. Is there? I don't know. I doubt it. I believe that if there were a better way to do this, it would have already been proposed.

Show me. Otherwise, sit down and shut up.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.


- hfs

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