Questions from the backseat

Princess Trouble: Mommy, do spiders have eyelashes?

Me: ...?

We made it to Atlanta. I'm shocked that I managed to get a hotel room - there is a NASCAR race this weekend and every hotel is booked solid. I can't say I'm impressed with this hotel - I booked a king sized bed with a sofa bed (I'm tired of sharing the bed with the kids and was looking forward to having some room to spread out) but there is no sofa bed in this room. I'm too tired to go and argue about it tonight. I'll leave that until tomorrow. It IS a king sized bed so maybe I won't get pummeled in between the two of them tonight. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are heading out to see a puppet show and hit the bookstore and possibly the education store. I also need to hit an electronics/computer store - the wireless connection in this hotel SUCKS so I need to pick up an ethernet cable. Hopefully that will help my connection. Monday we are going to the kids' discovery center here in town. That should be fun as well. Tuesday we are heading up to my folks' place and I think we'll stop at the aquarium either in Chattanooga or hit the one here in Atlanta. Princess Trouble needs to do a little project on a water creature.

It's COLD here by the way!!! Which is great except for the fact that I left my jacket in SoCal. Duh. And it's DRY. My poor skin doesn't quite know what to do with itself. I'll be stopping by Target tomorrow and picking up a really good moisturizer (probably more than you needed to know...I'm also grabbing diapers in case you were wondering what else is on the list!).

Our brigade back in Hawaii could use some prayers. One of our support battalions suffered its first casualty in the past few days. I'm sure it is hitting people hard. It's hitting me pretty hard and I don't even know the soldier's identity.

I need to get some sleep. I managed to eek out about 1.5 hours last night which is not a good thing. Talk to you all soon!!!


- hfs

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