Ready to go home

Ok...I'm done now. As wonderful as it has been to see family and friends, I am beyond ready to be home. Three weeks is a L O N G time to be away from all that is familiar. I am longing for my own bed (one that doesn't come equipped with a 3 year old that likes to sleep sideways in the bed with me and kick me in the kidneys each night), my own car (note to my readers - do NOT buy a Chevy HHR...they are a POS and the damn cigarette lighter doesn't work so I can't even hook up my iPod. Grr.), clothes other than the 5 outfits I packed, and MY WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION!!! Ah, the important things in life.

Don't get me wrong - I long to be back here. I am hoping and praying that the DA (Department of the Army) sees fit to return us to Fort Campbell in the near future (those of you that WORK for DA...I'm begging!!!) but for now, I miss my medium sized turd in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I miss our routine. I miss our "normal".

I was lying in bed the other night (dodging kidney punches) and it hit me that MacGyver has been gone for EIGHT months. How the hell did that happen? I swear he just left yesterday. Wow. About now I should start to get excited as we approach the 100 day mark. But I can't. There is a possible extension on the horizon (no confirmation yet but I suspect it's coming) that would push us back to only the 1/2 way mark. Somewhat disheartening. Ok, it downright sucks donkey balls. But what are you going to do? Mentally, I had already begun to prepare myself for this. I kept telling family and friends (and MacGyver too) that I would be happy to have him home by Christmas 2007. And so it goes. Again, NO CONFIRMATION but I'm not holding out hope for good news. Several units in the brigade have already received official word that they will be extended. Such is life. Gives me more time to work on those GOALS I set for myself earlier. I'll have to post an update on things once we get home. And, if there is an extension in our future, I'll put that to good use and try to nail all of them.

And, I leave you with a request. My family needs some prayers. Nothing urgent or earth-shattering. Just life and health issues. Guess that's what happens when your dad is 79 and your Grama is 93+. But it still sucks. Especially when I'm 7,000 miles away and can't help out much. Thanks.


- hfs

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