I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fixed the damn thing myself. I figured the worst I could do was crash the laptop. And since it wasn't hooking me up to the internet anyway, that really wasn't a big deal. So I started messing with it. And I finally figured out how to fix the issue I was having with the connection. Woohoo! So I'm back up and running. Thank GOD. Of course, when I get to my parents' place, they won't have wireless so I'll be back to square one but I might be able to mooch access off someone who hasn't secured their connection. We'll see.

In the mean time, it's 1:40am CST and I'm wide awake. Guess the 2 cups of chai tea at 10pm weren't such a good idea. heh. We're heading to Atlanta tomorrow. I'm quite sad to be leaving our friends here in Alabama. We've had an AWESOME few days with them. I just wish we lived closer so that we could visit more often. Hopefully the Army will agree with me and will allow us to move back to Fort Campbell in a year or so. My fingers are crossed.

So...what have we been up to? We flew out of Hawaii about a week and a half ago and spent 5 days in Southern California. That was pretty much "balls to the wall" for 5 days.

We spent time at the library and park that were built on the site of my elementary school. When I was in 2nd grade, the school district downsized and decided to close my elementary school and move us to another school about a mile away. For a while, my elementary school building served as the District Admin offices but a few years ago, the admin offices moved and my old school building was torn down to make way for a new library and park to replace the old library that had been just across the street. I had spent many a hot summer day in that old library, reading and escaping the heat and I loved it. It was big enough to hold hundreds of adventures for a bookworm like me but still intimate enough to feel like home. I miss it but the new facility is awesome. The kids picked out 10 books to check out and then we headed out to the park to play.

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Here they are, posing in the sandbox.

Princess Trouble brought along her new jump rope and was able to jump for a bit as well. She has really taken off with this - she just learned last month!

The next day was the baby shower for my sister-in-law. Some of you may remember that MacGyver's brother was diagnosed with cancer a short while back. Well, he's in recovery and the prayers worked! Not only was the surgery and treatment successful, he's going to be a DADDY in the near future!!!!!!!

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Princess Trouble had a great time acting as the First Princess to the Queen soon-to-be-Mum and helping her open gifts at her baby shower. It was wonderful to see her and MacGyver's brother. We can't wait to meet our newest niece when the time comes!

Then we were off to the American Girl Place. Princess Trouble has Nellie and was DYING to get over there and shop for her!

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Can you SEE why we chose Nellie? Scary, isn't it? The only difference between the two of them is the color of their eyes.

We capped off the SoCal visit to the "Happiest Place on Earth" though you probably couldn't tell by Little Man's lack of smiling...

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I SWEAR he had a good time!

We hit the merry-go-round, the Tea Cups, It's a Small World (mom, I promise I won't sing the song to you!), Peter Pan's ride, the Circus Train, Autopia, and even Matterhorn! And the highlight of all of that for Princess Trouble was a visit to the Princess Fantasy Faire where she got to dance along with the princesses including Cinderella (who she is calling out to below).

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Along with all of that, I managed to cram in 2 visits to In-N-Out for burgers, a trip to Target, visits with several groups of friends and family, a drive by my old house and school (Princess Trouble wanted to see where I went to school), and a lot of fun. Southern California is a great place to be FROM.

Now that I'm back up and connected to the world, I'm hoping to be able to post a bit more frequently. I still have pictures from R&R that I'd like to get uploaded. Still no official word on the "bad news". I'm hoping that means it may not come to fruition but I'm a "worse case scenario" type of person. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed so I'll plan on the bad news becoming official one of these days. Maybe I'll be wrong. It has happened...once or twice before.


- hfs

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