Another open letter

To the person who leaked the information about the extensions to the press:

You do not deserve the paycheck that you draw. You do not deserve in any way,shape, or form to be associated with my husband or those who defend this country. You put your own desires and greed ahead of the servicemembers' right to learn about the extension through the proper chain of command.


It is bad enough that their length of tour is being extended. It is bad enough that fathers (and mothers) are going to have to miss - yet again - birthdays, the start of another school year, anniversaries, and other special moments. But to have insult added to injury is a special kind of pain. You denied our soldiers what is due them. For that, you owe each and every one of them a public and heartfelt apology. Anything less is unacceptable.

You also owe them your job. You are not fit to be associated with our military and its servicemembers. Your resignation should come at the same time as your public apology.

I look forward to your response.

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