General Casey visits

Army Chief Visits Schofield Barracks

Wish I had been able to go. Supposedly every unit was to have invited some of their spouses but I didn't hear about the visit until last night at church. It would have been nice to meet General Casey in person and to have possibly asked a question or two but I suspect that my questions would not have been any different than those that were asked.

I'm impressed that he came for the visit. It would have been nice had he had, in his possession, the person who leaked the announcement regarding the extension so that we might be able to take a swing or two at him. But the fact that General Casey saw fit to come and talk with some of the spouses was good.

Now if only Secretary Gates would have the guts to come for a visit...not going to hold my breath on that one.

Recovery is going well. I'm about back to my old self. I managed to lose part of Tuesday, most of Wednesday, and part of Thursday. I'm thinking that would be a good way to make the rest of this deployment speed by. heh.

I'm starting to pack for my trip to DC. My goal is to get everything I need in my backpack and 1 carry-on suitcase. Should be do-able. I'll make sure to pack the Excedrin PM so I can catch a few ZZZs on the plane and I should be good to go! I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends again and meeting some new ones. And I'm looking forward to jumping back into the blogging world. Feels like I've been gone too long.

One question I would like to put out there - and would have possibly asked General Casey had I been given the opportunity - is what is thought about either reinstituting the draft OR instituting compulsory civil service for all eligible high school graduates? By civil service, I mean either military service or Peace Corps/AmeriCorps service. I think it's a worthwhile discussion. I think that, as a society, one of the reasons support for the "Global War on Terror" is waning is due to the fact that the general population isn't "feeling the burn", so to speak. They aren't invested in it. 9/11 is too far in the past to have much of an effect. And our military members are such a small and elite section of society. So the connection between them and the general populace of this country is minimal at best.

How do we change that?


- hfs

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